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Life in Overseas

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UK is one of the most rewarding country in the world for students and is more affordable than most people think provided you know where to shop and stay off the tourist routes.

Cost of Living:

UK is all things to all people. If you cannot find what you are looking for in UK, then it is probably not available. UK can be expensive as well as very inexpensive for everyday items. When shopping for food students should locate the nearest LIDL, Aldi or Kwiksave store where they will find products possibly cheaper than in their own country. The cost of food, accommodation, transports, clothing and miscellaneous expenses generally costs the average student £7500 per year. Students should budget for this amount.

Transport Costs: 

UK has a cheap and efficient transport system compared to most cities. There is no need to purchase a car which would be necessary in many university towns. Students receive a Student Oyster Card which gives 30% discount off all travel in the city.

Accommodation Costs: 

Accommodation is the main expense for students. The Colleges can arrange accommodation for both short and long stays. Most accommodation is either ‘Bed and Breakfast’ with a local family or flat share with other students.

Clothing Costs:

Again, UK has the most expensive and the cheapest stores available. Students can purchase new clothing from discount stores such as Primark, TK Maxx and Matalan at extremely low prices.

Working in London:

Students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week (only those study at UK public funded institutes) during term time and full-time during term breaks and holidays. Most students choose to work for the experience as well as earning some extra money to supplement living expenses.The National Minimum Wage is £5.73 per hour for workersaged 22 years or more.


UK has a mild climate throughout the year. Although UK rainfall is lower than that of Paris or New York, it can rain at any time. Winter daytime temperatures can be as low as 1ºc, and summer can be as high as 35ºc. Temperatures are normally between 10ºc and 20ºc.